Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holidays, Travel and Holidays again….

With Hanukkah coming early this year.. i.e.: right after Thanksgiving.. we have been quite busy. Add into the mix that we were leaving on a road trip to Florida on December 13th for 10 days to go to Disney World, I felt like I had no time to do anything certainly not cook. So here is what we have been up to instead.. 

In our house we celebrate Chrismukkah a mixture of both holidays, we did Hanukkah before we left and Christmas when we got back. But in between we have all our friends and family over for a big Yankee swap party..and this year we threw in a twist…The ugliest sweater would receive not only an extra prize but have an advantage in the swap. Here’s some of our silliness

Chrismukkah 2010 
me and k
Me (l) and my bff Karen 

 Bff and her matching hubby before the change.... 

and after......

                                                                                                 jen an dmatt
                                                                    My sister and Brother-in-law before he changed…
and after….. 

And the winner of the Ugliest Sweater is…. Well…. After a diplomatic vote.. it was a tie.. So how to break a tie.. Rock.. Paper.. Scissors of course!!
nd again
ohhh look a tie again…                           
        rock paper scissor and again……
the winnre
and finally we have a winner!!!!!!

So that's what we were up to before we left… and now it’s already January 2nd. I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and here’s to a Happy and Healthy New Year!!  Stay tuned for some reviews from Disney and of course back to some good ole home cooking!!

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claire said...

haha looks like you all had some killer sweaters! hope you had fun in disney world!


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