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Dinner Review Bacaro Restaurant Providence, RI

Bacaro has to be one of my favorite restaurants in Providence. The atmosphere is great ,right on the water, and the food is rustic yet sophisticated. Bacaro is an Enoteca (Italian Wine Bar), Salumeria & Cicchetteria. The Salumeria chef hand cuts and prepares all the assorted cured meats and cheeses to order and the Cicchetteria Menu (Italian tapas) is one of favorite menus in town. Bacaro is warm and cozy offering bar seating, and about 10 tables downstairs and about 15 tables upstairs overlooking the kitchen. We ate downstairs this time around.

 We were seated promptly and greeted by our very knowledgeable waiter. We were told that there was one special which I have to admit, I forgot. Not that memorable I guess.  It is best to order family style here in my opinion, although the menu is designed in normal fashion, apps, entrees, sides, deserts. Plus an oyster menu and the Cicchetteria Menu. To really enjoy all that Bacaro has to offer sharing is best. 

We started with the Oyster and Chicchetteria Menu.

There was a choice of three kinds of oysters and we got all three:
Bluepoint from Long Island, Mapleque from Prince Edward Island and Rocky Point from the Prudence Island, RI area. 

They were served with four different sauces:

Red Wine Mignonette – aged red
wine vinegar, sweet shallots, black

Prosecco Mignonette- Prosecco,
white wine vinegar, pink
peppercorns, sweet shallots

Cucumber Granita- cucumber, rose
water, juniper & rosemary infused
Italian ice

Bing Cherry Mignonette Granita-
Italian ice of pureed sweet Bing
cherries, shallots, black pepper &
aged red wine vinegar
The oysters were very fresh but I have to say the sauces made it for me, each one was better than the one before it. But if I had to pick one it would be the Cherry Granita, sweet cool and oh so yummy!!

Taleggio in “Carozza”- battered & pan fried
sandwiches of Italian Taleggio cheese

These  taste just like a grilled french toast sandwich, crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside. We order these every time we go. 

Crispy Fried Fontina & Prosciutto Stuffed 

 Meatballs with Pomodoro
Definitely crispy on the outside but they were really soft and juicy on the inside, and the Pomodoro was so fresh and very simple but delicious.

Crostini with Local Wild Flower Honey &
Prosciutto di Parma
I am a big fan of the sweet salt combo and this combination of the sweet honey and the salty prosciutto is music to my mouth!!

These were all small plates so the sandwiches were two to a plate , the meatballs came with three and there were four of the crostini. Just enough so that we could continue to graze.

This next dish came from the appetizer side of the menu but again we all shared. It happens to be one of my favorites.

“Crespella”- Truffled Crepe with Bresaola, Shaved Parmigiano & Rocket

Crispy Crepe topped with paper thin slices of truffle-scented dry cured beef, shaved

parmigiano and wild arugula dressed with virgin olive oil, sea salt and balsamic vinegar 
The crepe is so crispy yet very light and airy. The saltiness of the Bresaola paired with the pepper from the arugala and the sweetness of the balsamic is perfect.

And here is where we are all went out  on our own, and order separate entrees. Who doesn't love leftovers!!

Pasta Con i Funghi
Butter, parmigiano, truffle-scented egg, mushroom
My mother ordered this one as it is one of her favorites, when you break open the egg the runny yolk makes a nice cream sauce with the butter and parmigiano. And the aroma to die for. 

Baked Gratin of Pasta with Pumpkin and Smoked Pancetta
Cream, parmigiano-reggiano, mozzarella, ricotta, fontal, tomato, walnuts, fresh parsley
My father and I had this and I have to say it was one of the best Baked pasta dishes I have had, outside of Al Forno's restaurant ( they are known for there baked pastas). The chef of Bacaro was a long time chef at Al Forno. Again the sweet salty combo with the pumpkin and pancetta and the creaminess of four cheeses, and I had enough for lunch the next day always a plus.

Desert we went back to sharing and ordered:

Bombolini of the Season

Little Warm Doughnuts Dusted With Fine Sugar & Filled with Seasonal Jam
 Who doesn't love warm doughnuts, and these were filled with a fig jam.

Seasonal Crostata
Rustic Tart with Seasonal Fruit Served with Vanilla Crème Anglaise 
They were actually offering three varieties of the Crostata; Apple, Asian Pear, or Fig.We thought why not all three in one and the waiter said why not!! It was a free form crostata with the flakiest crust and just tender fruit. 

All in all we had yet another wonderful meal at Bacaro Restaurant. Not only was the food great but so was the service, my mother is handicapped and they are always so accommodating. I would highly recommend Bacaro, for a special occasions or a night out with some friends, the more the merrier for sharing purposes of course.

(401) 751-3700
262 South Water Street
Providence, RI 02903

*******Sorry for the lack of pictures, I decided to meet my parents for dinner unexpectedly so I didnt have my camera. ********


Simply Life said...

Yum all those sauces that it came with sound great!

the ungourmet said...

I'm not an oyster fan but those sauces sure do sound delicious!

I would love to try the dish your mother ordered! :D


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