Saturday, November 21, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Soooo I have been MIA again.. My husband and I bought an RV about two weeks ago, Its and oldie but goodie. 1979 Chevy Cobra, sleeps 7 and ready to ride the country. My husband and I are big fans of hitting the open road so this has been a dream of ours. It is in excellent condition except for some 1970's decor. We needed to fix a few things and winterize it since its getting cold here in the Northeast. I was on vacation this past week and had hoped to be in the kitchen everyday but instead, the RV and some DYI projects took over. We got a lot done so I can't complain I'll post pictures of some of my projects later. I am off to do some last minute shopping and then its back to the kitchen until Thanksgiving!! Can't wait to see everyone's Thanksgiving menus!! 

Lovin the 1970's decor.....

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Simply Life said...

Congrats on buying that! Looks like it's ready for some fun adventures!


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