Sunday, June 9, 2013

Getting back into the swing of things...

So once again I went missing... Lets see the holidays (ya know way back in November and December) of course came rolling in... first a big family Thanksgiving at our house and then Chrismakuahh for us in early December. Then of course New Years and a few days after that we were off to Walt Disney World for a fantabulous vacation! Which we each came home from with nasty colds ya know with all those pesky kid germs flying around.. fast forward a few weeks..Blizzard of 2013 hit New England. Fast forward a few more weeks stomach flu... Fast forward to end of March.... Elbow & Hand surgery.... Ouch.. Owie... Yowzers... Did ya get all that? There is going to be a quiz after this!!

Sooooo that means I wasn't really cooking or typing which is still a pain in the you know what!!!  The hubs was great and did most of the cooking while I was laid up... I am pretty much back in the kitchen but need him to do the lifting..but it was a nice break for me. This is one of those recipes that was so delicious you would never now it took 5 minutes to throw together. 

I once again have to give credit to my new obsession Pinterest which is where I found this recipe.. OMG how does anyone get anything done with Pinterest around. Thanks to the silly site I found Bridget's Blog Whats cooking in the Burbs and lots of other great recipes of hers to try. So thank you Pinterest for this recipe and a new blog to follow. 

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Chili
adapted from Whats Cooking in the Burbs 

Items needed: 
Slow cooker 
I did change the amounts of a few things I will note with an * 

3 boneless skinless Chicken breasts* 
3/4 bottle Franks Buffalo Sauce (12 oz bottle)*
1 15.5 oz can Great Northern beans , rinsed
1 lg sweet onion, chopped 
3/4 c tomato sauce*
1 can creamed corn*
3/4 jar salsa *

Dump everything into the slow cooker and stir well, cook on low 5-6 hours. 
Shred chicken** and stir to combine
Serve with crushed or not tortillas, blue cheese and a dollop of sour cream if too spicy or just cause ya feel like it!

*** Now for my changes I uped it to 3 breasts that's how many came in the package didnt want to have 1 left over, made great leftovers for another recipe Ill post about later. Now because of this I upped the hot sauce, tomato sauce and salsa and we just dumped the whole can of corn because well we love corn..
I did not add the jalapeno, not because we are afraid of spice, but because I forgot to grab it at the store. I made up for it with the extra hot sauce. 

I also just shredded the chicken right in the crock pot, the original recipe called for taking it out.. I'm too lazy I'll admit it! 

Eat and Enjoy!!

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