Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Crisis Averted!!

Ok so once again I have been MIA.... this time for good reason... trying to figure out this whole allergy thing. After lots of tests, lots of poking and lots of prodding.. I AM NOT ALLERGIC TO FOOD!! Well that is not to the extent that they thought I was, I am still sensitive to certain foods  and still having some of the same symptoms but am able to control them and not feel like I am dieing.. 

I have cut beef out of my diet, and have not had any since February, and feel really good about it. I don't miss it and am not lacking in protein, I still eat chicken, fish and shellfish and have a new found love for turkey. Oh and we have joined the Meatless Monday crew and have found some great recipes. It is amazing that once you stop eating something you don't miss it much. I have pretty much been able to substitute a different protein for all my beef favorites!! So now that that's out of the way look for lots for new recipes coming your way!!

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