Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dinner and lots of Shows....

I have been going to Broadway and off Broadway shows with my parents for 20 years. Which means that I have seen over 120 shows and this year isn't even over yet..We have three just this month alone. I live 50 minutes from Boston and 15 minutes from Providence, RI so we are very lucky to have such great theater city's so close.  We go to see shows in three places; Boston at many different venues, the Providence Preforming Arts Center (PPAC)  and Trinity Repertory Theater in Providence. The last of which is very unique, Trinity has the last permanent resident acting company in the country. Which is the reason we have been season tickets holders for most of the last 20 years. It really is a different experience then any other theater experience that I have ever had. Some of the actors have been with the company for over a decade and we have watched them grow into some of the finest actors I've ever seen.  Seeing them transform themselves from show to show is unbelievable.

Last week we went to see The New Mel Brooks Musical : Young Frankenstein, starring Brad Oscar who we have seen in other shows. Frankenstein was a very funny, lively musical at the PPAC. A classic that is still as funny as the first time I saw the movie. This Friday we went out to dinner and a show at Trinity. The show was called Shooting Star, by Steve Dietz and directed by one of the companies finest actors Fred Sullivan Jr. It was a two person play, that's right just two people, with the starring roles going to two outside actors, ( not residnet actors) that just so happened to be married to each other ( in real life) . It was a romantic comedy of sorts set in an snow-bound airport, and takes place 20 years after this pair had been lovers. Each is flying to the others home city him for work her to meet someone, and both flights are canceled and they stuck in the airport and are forced to spend that time together retelling old stories and old fights. It was a short play only 80 minutes no intermission, and we really enjoyed it! 

Before the show we went across the street to a fabulous restaurant Gracie's where the menu changes with the season with a new menu every week.  They have a star motif which is played out very subtly throughout the restaurant, which is funny that the show we saw was Shooting Star.  With fall being our season we knew we were in for a treat. They are very accommodating to theater goers being right across the street from Trinity, offering a pre-fixe meal for $30, one app, one entree, one dessert, while also offering a five and seven course meal in addition to a la carte. There were supplemental prices for some of the items like Foie Gras and Veal sweetbreads on the $30 pre-fixe.  We choose to go with the pre-fixe and were very pleased.   

There were hints of Fall through out the menu such as Hudson Valley Foie Gras with
pumpkin pie custard, cranberry gastrique, pumpkin nougatine, and  spiced brioche, which is what my mother ordered. My father and I went with the  Sugar Pumpkin Soup with pecan maple syrup, creamy ricotta, and as an addition to the soup that night they had Creme Fraiche filled Agnoltelli which when cut opened  the creme just burst into the soup, topped with candied  pecans. I have had many pumpkins soups and this by far was the best I have ever had. Creamy but light, sweet but savory and everything in between. In between courses they served a lemonade slushy in a shot glass with tiny straws, It was very tart and had tiny bits of real lemon in it. A nice refreshing intermezzo.

For our main dishes , my mother ordered the Crescent Farms Duck with sherry poached suckle pear, butternut squash, and a burnt pear caramel reduction. She said that the duck was tender and nicely paired with the pear and butternut squash . My father and I once again ordered the same thing, I know boring but we are very alike in the food department. Our dish was Prime Ribeye & Short Rib with crisp cheddar potato puffs, local collard greens, garlic fondue. I have to admit I have never been a big rib-eye fan, always went for a different cut of meat but this was delicious. Soft and buttery and cooked perfectly. The short rib was fall off the bone good with a sweet almost bbq type sauce.  

Dessert was a tough choice but oh so yummy. My mother went with the Apple Crostata made with Granny smith & Gala apples, and topped with brown sugar & creme fraiche ice cream. Oh so fall and delicious served warm the tart and sweet of the apples mixed with ice cream was a great twist on apple pie. The tart of the day was a Pear and Almond Tart with the same ice cream. That is what my father ordered, and it was also really good. I love pear and almond together so this was a hit with me. I went with the Pumpkin Panna Cotta served with a pecan sandie crisp layered on top , then a red grape & citrus salad and  pumpkin seed brittle sprinkled around the plate. The panna cotta was so smooth and creamy , but the best part was the pumpkin seed brittle, sweet  and crunchy. 

All in all we had a lovely evening and I would highly recommend Gracie's in Providence. The atmosphere was great and the food even better. 


194 Washington Street
Providence, RI

Sorry no pictures but I forgot my camera......OOPS!!

Stay tuned for my Sunday football feast post!!


Fresh Local and Best said...

I can't believe you were able to get all those exquisite dinner items for $30, what a great deal!

Sharon said...

I know we were quite surprised that every option on the menu was available to us the only thing that was extra that we ordered was the Foie Gras for an additional $ 8. Still an amazing deal!!

Simply Life said...

oh I love seeing shows but we always think we can't afford them - you inspire me to keep looking!...

Sharon said...

It can get expensive to see shows, but we go on Friday nights and its usually the first show of that series, so its a "preview" so its much cheaper than on a regular night. They also offer $ 20 tixs the day of the show, for what ever seats are left. Check your local theater for deals like this


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