Saturday, September 12, 2009

On the Road.....

My husband and I are on the road.. traveling to St Louis, MO for a family wedding. We decided to drive, we live in Massachusetts so this wasn't an easy ride, but we love it. It is an opportunity for us to see the United States and places that we might never travel to otherwise. For our honeymoon, we took 28 days and drove south to Florida, west to New Orleans, North to Tennessee and then east back home with numerous stops along the way. We got to see people and places we wouldn't have if we had flown. We walked around today seeing some of the sights in St Louis, the arch of course being the most popular where there was a gathering, Lawn Apolloza a street fair of sorts, they were serving various fair food, hot dogs hamburgers, french fries and of course some St Louis BBQ So we went for the Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, very good but a tad spicy. They use a lot more pepper in there sauce then in other BBQ areas. But it was yummy, it was served with a BBQ beans dish made with black,baked and red beans and some cole slaw. Which was also different then we've had down south in Tennessee for BBQ. The cole slaw was made with more of a ranch type dressing than a sweet one. Tonight we are going to the wedding so I will try to post tomorrow, we start the drive back tomorrow with a stop in Cooperstown , NY and the Baseball hall of Fame!!

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